Why B2B is the Place to Be

February 12, 2013 - by rachelbalik

Two and a half years ago, Aaron Levie wrote a contributed piece in TechCrunch announcing that “Enterprise software is sexy again.” Levie predicted that solving problems at scale for large companies would offer bigger payoff than “creating the eighth service that lets you post photos of yourself to the web.”

Of course, somewhere in between then and now, at least one more photo sharing app proved itself when Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, but that doesn’t change the fact that more and more, enterprise companies are holding their own - and then some. In 2013, Kleiner Perkins plans to invest $200 million in companies building mobile applications and cloud computing services for corporate users. That means more enterprise companies will be armed and ready for high-speed growth in the next few years.

Kleiner Perkins isn’t alone either. There certainly have been some major consumer successes, but at the same time, Facebook’s lukewarm IPO was balanced by a number of impressive enterprise IPOs. As a result, “VCs are throwing money at enterprise startups,” says Business Insider. With the increase in investment comes growth and the hiring necessary to support it.

Job hunters looking for an opportunity that has the potential to earn them millions don’t need to angle for a position with a hot iOS app developer. In fact, they’re probably better off turning to the enterprise. If they need recommendations, they can check out Business Insider’s “25 Enterprise Startups to Bet Your Career On,” a list which happens to include Joyent.

We’re flattered that Business Insider has high expectations for us, but we think there are many reasons to come work for an organization other than the potential for great financial success. Namely, the opportunities to learn new skills, to innovate and to truly contribute the way technology is changing the world. The fact that VCs are investing so heavily in enterprise companies means not only more opportunity for employment, but better, cooler opportunities for employment. And thanks to some of the industry’s greatest thinkers, that number is growing every day.

Business Insider also notes that VCs, “would like to throw more money at [enterprise companies], if they could find good ideas.” From an innovation perspective, the enterprise is actually the best place for tech talent to cut its teeth. Learning enterprise skills will empower driven technologists to start their own companies down the line. And when the time is right, VCs will be ready to fund those next big ideas for B2B companies.

At Joyent, we’re not only working on creating a better cloud, we also encourage projects for developers such as Node.js and DTrace that support the advancement of cloud computing on a broad scale. If you’re ready to join a team that prioritizes intellectual and technological development alongside large-scale enterprise success, keep us in mind as you look for your next great opportunity.