Xeround - database-as-a-service boasts more than 40,000 users. Have you tried it?

December 20, 2012 - by joyentirene

Razi Sharir, CEO of Xeround recently shot a video at Joyent talking about why customers have selected Xeround’s cloud database solution.

What makes Xeround unique is their approach to building a scalable database-as-a-service. With the company’s origins in providing distributed database solution to Telco operators, Xeround understands that database downtime or any operational hiccups are simply not an option.

They built their offering by using extensive business logic and employing automated mechanisms to ensure availability and automatic scaling of your DB with no managementoverhead on the part of the customer.

And what’s more- their product even has a free plan, so you can give it a try today!

Today, Xeround boasts more than 40,000 users, with over 20,000 apps served every day by Xeround as their backbone.

Learn more by listening to Razi's story about Xeround’s partnership with Joyent.

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