You Better Love the One You're With

May 10, 2013 - by Kate Reed

It's Christmas Eve and your family is together, exhausted from a busy day filled with holiday cheer. You all crowd into your living room to watch Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street or A Christmas Story when something goes wrong. You click the remote over and over and nothing happens. Your streaming movie provider is down. As you log into Twitter to add your voice to the thousands of others complaining about the service you come to a realization: there will be no festive movie tonight; your holiday has been ruined by your streaming movie provider.

Website outages are the stuff of nightmares for most businesses today, but a very public disaster scenario like this could mean the difference between a viable business and bankruptcy. And the kicker is that the public-facing business is often helpless during an outage; it's their cloud provider that's at fault. But you wouldn't know that if you checked Twitter or Facebook. Let’s be real, what consumer cares about the difficulties of a cloud infrastructure provider when their favorite movie isn't playing or they can’t buy a new party dress because the store’s flash site is down?

The often unspoken reality of today's cloud economy is that as a business, you bear the brunt of your cloud provider's difficulties. So if your site is architected perfectly, but hosted out of a cloud provider's notoriously unreliable data center, tough luck. Chances are you'll experience an outage sometime soon. You need to ask yourself: do you love your cloud provider enough to take the blame when it goes down?

Here at Joyent, we can't promise that we'll always be up (though 99.999% uptime is a pretty solid number), but whether it's through insane performance, awesome support or incredible flexibility, we bet you'll love us. Lots of companies already do.

When it comes to your business, whether in the cloud or elsewhere, don't just settle for what works. You need to love the one you're with!