Building Application Aware Platform Services

Typical Application Lifecycle Events

Why ContainerPilot?

Application Aware Orchestration

Automate many of the operational tasks related to configuring a container as you start it, re-configure it as you scale it or other containers around it, and peform health-checking.

Developer friendly

Works consistently and without modification across CI/CD pipelines, from laptop to any scheduler and on any cloud. 100% open source.

Works With Any Scheduler

Ensure cloud and container scheduler portability. Use any scheduler to provision/start/stop/delete containers and ContainerPilot for application orchestration.

Where ContainerPilot Fits in Your Architecture

Docker Compose

Docker Compose

Docker Compose is a simple and developer-friendly way to start a handful of containers as a single app. In conjunction with Docker Swarm or Triton, Compose can schedule containers across a number of compute nodes.

Docker Compose on Triton ›

Mesosphere Marathon

Mesosphere Marathon

Marathon has been the scheduler of choice for many Docker users, and it’s a good match for ContainerPilot applications. It offers a straightforward solution to scheduling and supervising Docker containers.

See Mesophere Marathon Example ›

Google Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes

Kubernetes combines scheduling, orchestration, cluster management, and other features in a tightly coupled system. Like Marathon, Kubernetes was designed for stateless services, but ContainerPilot offers a portable orchestration solution for applications of all types.