Application Orchestration and Container Scheduling Made Easy

Use ContainerPilot with your favorite scheduler

ContainerPilot works in conjunction with your favorite scheduler: the scheduler starts and stops the containers, ContainerPilot orchestrates the rest. Best of all, applications orchestrated by ContainerPilot are portable from one scheduler to another.

Docker Compose

Docker Compose

Docker Compose is a simple and developer-friendly way to start a handful of containers as a single app. In conjunction with Docker Swarm or Triton DataCenter, Compose can schedule containers across a number of compute nodes.

Mesosphere Marathon

Mesosphere Marathon

Marathon has been the scheduler of choice for many Docker users, and it’s a good match for ContainerPilot applications. It offers a straightforward solution to scheduling and supervising Docker containers.

Google Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes

Kubernetes combines scheduling, orchestration, cluster management, and other features in a tightly coupled system. Like Marathon, Kubernetes was designed for stateless services, but ContainerPilot offers a portable orchestration solution for applications of all types.

Key Features of Triton ContainerPilot

Self-aware and self-operating containers

ContainerPilot automates the process of discovery and configuration that's needed to connect application components in separate containers. By automating these and other operational details, we can build applications that effectively run on autopilot.

Manage stateless and stateful applications with ease.

ContainerPilot can automate the full range of applications, from stateless modern apps like Node.js microservices, to stateful data stores with persistent data, like Couchbase or MySQL.

A fast path to next generation, developer friendly services.

Afraid of the “lock-in” that comes with higher level, platform services? ContainerPilot enables you to deliver platform services, like database as a service, without locking you into proprietary cloud services or scheduling engines.

Portability across any infrastructure.

Because ContainerPilot runs inside the container, ContainerPilot-enabled applications are portable to any container infrastructure, from developer laptops to the largest clouds.

Eliminates the “works on my machine” problem.

Because ContainerPilot runs the same way on developer laptops as it does in production, it reduces the friction that can slow deploys and developer productivity.

A Container-Native Stack for Modern Applications and Operations

Increase development velocity while simplifying operations. Triton provides the foundation for a modern application and operations architecture.Optionally leverage Joyent's expertise, software and services to run microservices, Node.js and object storage.

As the original corporate steward of Node.js, we know microservices and how to operate them at scale. Enterprise support for Node.js is included with Triton, but Triton works with any application runtime. You want to run Go or CoreCLR on Triton? No problem. Learn more…

All of your “big data” has to go somewhere. Joyent’s Manta will scale to meet your object storage needs. Because Manta is available as a cloud service and as 100% open source software, you maintain full control over your data. Learn more…

Automate the process of discovery and configuration that’s needed to connect application components in separate containers. By automating these and other operational details, you can build applications that effectively run on autopilot and work with any scheduler.

Other solutions layer container orchestration on top of VM clusters from public clouds or private clouds that you pay for and manage separately. Triton converges container and cloud orchestration into one easy solution. Learn more…

Our secret ingredient. Don’t let VM-based container hosts complicate your operations and slow down your applications. Run your Docker containers and Linux applications securely, on bare metal, with built-in networking and storage. Learn more…