Load Balancing

Create a high-availability server environment on Joyent Cloud.

Creating a high-availability server environment is an important step to scale, improve performance and maintain application stability on Joyent Cloud. Load balancers can help orchestrate traffic to your websites, perform health checks and proactively remove a node from rotation to ensure maximum availability. For most use cases, open-source solutions such as, HAProxy , or nginx, are an adequate load balancing solution on Joyent Cloud. For larger scale, enterprise-type deployments, Joyent offers an entirely pre-configured load balancing appliance using Riverbed SteelApp. Configuration of the Riverbed SteelApp appliance can be adjusted on-demand through the control panel or programmatically via API on Joyent Cloud.

Load Balancing

Use Cases

  • Increase machine environment stability
  • Improve application performance
  • Increase system recovery and security


  • SteelApp Developer Edition is free to Joyent Cloud users
  • Riverbed SteelApp images prices are available here
  • Riverbed SteelApp appliance support is included with standard support and also includes enhanced Vendor support.
  • Riverbed SteelApp images can be directly provisioned and deployed through Joyent Cloud

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