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Certified Ubuntu on Joyent Cloud
As Joyent customers deploy their mission-critical and essential applications to the Joyent Cloud the importance of having a certified version of Ubuntu that is consistent and fully backed by Canonical.

Node.js Support
Joyent provides expert support services for Node.js to help enterprises adopt this powerful application and API stack. These support services are available in two options: Node.js Core Support and Joyent Cloud Node.js Support. As the corporate steward of Node.js, Joyent can provide the highest level of support for this dynamic runtime.

Node Summit: Building a Major Hypermedia Content API with Node.js
Sourcing content from a variety of publishers, packaging it in value-added ways and distributing to a large number of destination platforms is one of the most important challenges for online media.

Webinar: Benchmarking the Cloud
This webinar describes the process and risks of benchmarking, describes some key micro-benchmarking tools, and explains the Active Benchmarking methodology for producing reliable results.

Webinar: Behavioral Analytics via Log Parsing
Insight into how Joyent Manta storage and big data analytics service allowed Wanelo to track and understand their users behavior, and answer questions about user retention much more efficiently and cost-effectively than with a previous SQL-based solution.

Webinar: Take Back Control of Content Delivery
A Content Delivery Cloud (CDC) is a fast and efficient content delivery platform for end-users. However, unlike a CDN which leverages a global network of servers to deliver content for all CDN customers, the CDC utilizes public or private Joyent infrastructure and the Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager software to provide the points of presence that offer a private ‘CDN-like’ experience for the delivery of a customer’s content.

Manta Storage Service - Big Compute for Big Data
Joyent Manta Storage Service is a highly scalable, distributed object storage service with integrated compute. Developers can store and process any amount of data at any time where a simple web API call replaces the need for spinning up instances.

Joyent Tackles Big Data With Its New Manta Object Storage Service
Global market intelligence IDC offers insight on how consumers that are facing significant increases in data consumption can benefit from Joyent Manta. Driven in part by the demands of customers seeing the effects of big data, Manta can store and process any amount of data at any time and create a link between related compute and storage hardware. Linking compute and storage together also helps create an offering that allows compute and data analytics to take place without having to transfer data from a storage system into a compute engine.

Securely back-up data, file and configurations on Joyent Cloud.

Performance Monitoring
Analyze. Identify Issues. Increase Application Performance.

Big Data
Convert data into actionable insight.

Modernizing the Datacenter for Industrial Scale Private and Public Clouds
The rapid adoption of cloud services -- especially among enterprises and service providers -- has created unprecedented demand to modernize traditional data centers.

Image Management
Create, build, snapshot and replicate images on Joyent Cloud.

Load Balancing
Create a high-availability server environment on Joyent Cloud.

Scaling and Automation
Scale, Monitor and Direct Resources in Joyent Cloud.


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