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Gilt Groupe
Fashion, luxury brands and high-end travel destinations at 70% off.

A leading developer of social games on Facebook and other networks.

Social Game Universe
Social games innovator with Facebook apps Hollywood Tycoon and Avastar.

How to Monitor Public Cloud Infrastructure to Maximize Service
Circonus CEO and Founder Theo Scholssnagle and Joyent Cloud Director of Product Marketing Alex Salkever discuss how Joyent Cloud customers can use the Circonus platform to monitor their public cloud infrastructure.

How NodeFly Uses the Joyent Cloud API and DTrace to Monitor Node.js Applications
NodeFly CTO Eugene Kaydalov and Joyent Software Engineer Dave Pacheco discuss how NodeFly uses Joyent's unique API and Analytics tools to monitor Node.js application performance.

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Spotting Latency, Improving Performance: An Overview of Joyent Cloud Analytics
Joyent Cloud Director of Marketing Alex Salkever and Director of Product Aaron Slettehaugh discuss and demonstrate Joyent's unique cloud analytics tools that help spot performance problems and, more importantly, solve them.

What a Node.js instance Can Do For You
Tom Hughes-Croucher and Vice President of Product Laurel Reitman discuss how Joyent's compute service technology makes developing, debugging and deploying Node.js and other applications powerfully easy.

No More Compromises in the Cloud
Joyent Cloud General Manager Steve Tuck speaks with Director of Marketing Alex Salkever about how Joyent has brought together all the necessary parts to offer the first truly complete application hosting solution.

Node.js Meetup: Distributed Web Architectures - Curtis Chambers, Uber
Uber Engineering Manager Curtis Chambers explains why his company completely re-engineered their application using Node.js to increase efficiency and improve the partner and customer experience.

Node.js Meetup: Distributed Web Architectures - Dave Pacheco, Joyent
Joyent Software Engineer Dave Pacheco demonstrates the analytics visualization tools built with Node.js for the service and other Joyent products.

Node.js Meetup: Distributed Web Architectures - Matt Ranney, Voxer
Voxer CTO Matt Ranney demonstrates how his company uses Node.js to power their innovative voice application for mobile devices which requires very low latency performance.

Node.js in the Cloud: A Discussion with Joyent and Cloud9 IDE
Cloud9 CTO Rik Arends demonstrates his company’s integrated development environment for Node.js and talks with Joyent Chief Evangelist Tom Hughes-Crouchers about how developers can use the Cloud9 IDE together with Joyent compute instances to quickly deploy applications.

Joyent and Node.js: An Overview for Carriers
Joyent’s Director of Business for Node.js Eric Braun explains the advantages of Node.js for a wide range of mobile applications, from handheld devices through the network to the datacenter.

Cloud as a Business: The Economics of CapEx and OpEx in the Cloud
JoyentCloud General Manager Steve Tuck offers guidance on how businesses can use Joyent cloud software and services to buy “virality insurance,” lower operating expenses and mitigate the growth limitations of capital expense demands.


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