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NodeConfEU 2013 - On the way to a Node powered CNC
Elijah Insua

NodeConfEU 2013 - Progressive Enhancement

NodeConfEU 2013 - The problem with Authority
Paolo Fragomeni

NodeConfEU 2013 - Working with Binary + Multidimensional data (in js)
Max Ogden

NodeConfEU 2013 - Yahoo Cocktails
Dav Glass gives you and inside look at Yahoo Cocktails, their internal Node.js stack that they use in production today.

NodeConfEU 2013 - You did what? Understanding Node Optimizations
Here we dive into and explain a few of Node.js' internal performance enhancements, and how they can affect the user.

NKO2013: Andellip Demo
Team Andellip demo at Node.js Knockout HQ 2013 at Joyent.

NKO2013: Dave Pacheco Presentation
Dave Pacheco speaks at Node.js Knockout 2013 in San Francisco.

NKO2013: Kickoff
Daniel Shaw kicks off Node.js Knockout HQ 2013 at Joyent.

NKO2013: Mad Science Demo
Team Mad Science demo at Node.js Knockout HQ 2013 at Joyent.

NKO2013: Node.js Knockout SF 2013 Highlights
Check out this highlight reel of the NKO 2013 Headquarters at Joyent, here in San Francisco.

NKO2013: Team Presentations
Node.js Knockout 2013 Team Presentations

Webinar: Behavioral Analytics via Log Parsing
Insight into how Joyent Manta storage and big data analytics service allowed Wanelo to track and understand their users behavior, and answer questions about user retention much more efficiently and cost-effectively than with a previous SQL-based solution.

Webinar: Take Back Control of Content Delivery
A Content Delivery Cloud (CDC) is a fast and efficient content delivery platform for end-users. However, unlike a CDN which leverages a global network of servers to deliver content for all CDN customers, the CDC utilizes public or private Joyent infrastructure and the Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager software to provide the points of presence that offer a private ‘CDN-like’ experience for the delivery of a customer’s content.

Webinar: Joyent Manta Storage and Analytics
Joyent Manta Storage Service is a radically elegant solution for big data and object storage problems.


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