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Webinar: Using Joyent Cloud with MongoDB-as-a-Service provider MongoLab
MongoDB and Node.js work together well because of their shared reliance on JavaScript. Deploying a Node.js + MongoDB application on Joyent and MongoLab is easy. In this on-demand webinar, we'll explore how to get started running MongoDB using a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) and the Joyent cloud.

Node Summit: Opening Remarks
Opening Remarks - Jason Hoffman, Joyent

Node Summit: NodeJam Introduction: Naval Ravikant - AngelList
The first eleven NodeJam participants take the stage. Each company will have five minutes to pitch their business and talk about the importance of Node.js as a part of their offering.

Node Summit: NodeJam Part One and Two - Judges Panel
NodeJam – Judges Panel Venture Investors and Technology Experts discuss the morning NodeJam companies.

Node Summit: NodeJam Part Three and Four - Judges Panel
NodeJam – Judges Panel Venture Investors and Technology Experts Discuss the afternoon NodeJam Companies.

Node Summit: Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks - Jason Hoffman, Joyent

Node Summit: APIs & Endpoints at Scale
Hear about the challenges faced by some of the world’s most transactionally busy systems in keeping up with massive scaling requirements while meeting demand for ever faster response times, and hear how Node.js can help overcome some of the key roadblocks ahead. Moderated by CEO of OmniTI Theo Schlossnagle, speakers include Subbu Allamaraju, Principal Member of Technical Staff at eBay; Chito Manansala, Sr. Principal Architect, Mobile at Sabre; Tim Milliron, Director of Engineering at Twilio.

Node Summit: Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
Increasing demands on data centers to integrate IT and Facilities data, and a desire to track everything that goes on in real-time, 24/7 has led to a significant change in how companies think about and implement DCIM. Hear the latest thinking on the topic and learn how Node.js is playing an important role in the next wave of DCIM. Presented by Baz Khuti, CTO and VP Engineering, Emerson Network Power/Avocent Products and Services.

Node Summit: Enterprises and the Cloud
The cloud is changing everything about corporate IT: where they run things, how they write applications, and how those applications are delivered to users. This talk will discuss VMware’s view of this new world, how it will challenge IT, and some of the opportunities for the Node community.

Node Summit: Everything is a Node: The Rise of M2M and Mobile
Most of us carry around mobile “machines” that generate all sorts of data about us and our environment without any human input. Machine-generated data is in between user- and science-generated data in terms of size and will require an entirely updated approach to infrastructure. Watch as Ericsson Senior Vice President of Strategy and CTO Vish Nandlall explains how his company is facing these challenges.

Node Summit: Instrumenting the Real-Time Web
Joyent’s Senior Vice President of Engineering Bryan Cantrill talks about what it takes to run Node.js in production.

Node Summit: Large Scale Web
Hear from the “Big Boys” about the challenges of operating at web scale and how to leverage Node.js to keep up with the ever increasing demand for always on, real-time connectivity.

Node Summit: Machine to Machine
Leveraging Node.js to deliver on the promise of real-time machine to machine communications.

Node Summit: Mobile (’nuff said)
Enterprise applications have traditionally been used by a few people between the hours of 9 to 5. With the consumerization of IT, and the prevalence of mobile connectivity, many “workers” are accessing applications via a mobile device. This trend is crushing traditional enterprise architectures. The same goes for traditional web architectures. With the rise of mobile-first applications, applications are often becoming connection-bound and architectures are changing to account for this.

Node Summit: Node.js and Windows Azure
Microsoft was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of Node.js and has committed significant resources towards its ongoing development within the open source community. Hear why Microsoft is focused on Node.js and see what Windows Azure and Node.js together can provide for developers who want a compelling PaaS solution.


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