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Joyent Tackles Big Data With Its New Manta Object Storage Service
Global market intelligence IDC offers insight on how consumers that are facing significant increases in data consumption can benefit from Joyent Manta. Driven in part by the demands of customers seeing the effects of big data, Manta can store and process any amount of data at any time and create a link between related compute and storage hardware. Linking compute and storage together also helps create an offering that allows compute and data analytics to take place without having to transfer data from a storage system into a compute engine.

Real Customers, Real-Time Requirements
This profile of four Joyent customers – Digital Chocolate, ModCloth, Quizlet, and Voxer – shows the important role of a cloud infrastructure provider in a rapidly-growing company’s success.

Social Gaming Apps Are Real-Time
This paper profiles two social game development companies (Digital Chocolate and Mob Science) and one games-as-a-service provider (Sleepy Giant) to illustrate the demands that gaming applications place on their computing infrastructures, and how that translates into the choice of a cloud service provider.

Does Your Cloud Support A Mobile-First Strategy?
To operate in a mobile-first world, companies need cutting-edge speed, scalability, and performance. Are you ready? Read on to discover the architectural considerations that can put developers and service providers at the forefront of the global mobile economy.

Changing the Game Before the Game Changes You
This ground-breaking paper will give the reader a glimpse of a technology-driven future state of real time collaboration and connectivity between human and machine, where frictionless interaction and scalability shall deliver a re-engineering of how we live, work and play.

Myths and Realities of Cloud Computing
This paper addresses potential concerns and misperceptions of cloud computing, offers concrete advice for dealing with the concerns, and lays out a cloud computing architecture and unique approach to pricing, flexibility, performance, and business resilience.

Cloud Analytics in Joyent SmartDataCenter
SmartDataCenter’s Cloud Analytics technology uses revolutionary visualization capabilities and on the fly instrumentation to dramatically reduce the time required for service providers to identify and resolve problems.

The Economics of Cloud Computing
You’re a CIO. If you had a dollar for every time someone asked you about your cloud strategy, you’d probably be retired by now. Well, maybe we are exaggerating. But not by much.

Examining File System Latency in Production
To understand the impact of I/O performance on applications file systems can prove to be a better target for analysis than disks.

Performance and Scale In Cloud Computing
This paper discusses both the theory behind designing applications for scaling and performance and the practical implications of architectural decisions. Special attention is paid to the focus that cloud computing has placed on horizontal scale, and the implications that may have on application performance.

The Joyent Smart Technologies Architecture for Cloud Computing
This paper examines the broad architectural differences in cloud computing products, the drawbacks to more generic approaches in cloud delivery, and the Joyent philosophy of constructing cloud computing infrastructures. The paper then describes the Joyent Smart Technologies cloud architecture from server and operating system through data center and software development platform.

Cloud Based Application Architectures Using Smart Computing
This paper provides a broad framework for companies to examine typical Joyent cloud computing application architectures and compare these example configurations to their own potential or current cloud computing strategies.


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