Protect, back-up and manage your data on Joyent Cloud.

Protecting and storing your data is an essential task for all developers to complete. Joyent provides NFS (Network File System) mountable solutions that provide instantly scalable and reliable file-level back-up and archiving services for all machines on Joyent Cloud. By mounting an NFS solution to dedicated machines on Joyent Cloud, you have the flexibility to use a wide array of both open source and commercially available back-up systems. NFS mounts and storage can be placed securely within a VLAN on Joyent Cloud, and the cost of the solution scales based on the size and type of machine.


Use Cases

  • File-level backup
  • Migrating data between machines
  • Saving custom image, code and configurations


  • Open source storage solution are free
  • Commercial enterprise storage solutions are sold separately 
  • Machine used for storage are maintained by Joyent support

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