Joyent Support Levels

Service Basic Developer Production Business Critical Mission Critical
JPC service health check X X X X X
Access to Technical Support (Severity 2-4 Issues) Business Hours Business Hours Extended Coverage 24/7
Severity One Support Business Hours - Online 24/7 - Phone 24/7 - Phone 24/7 - Phone
Support Forums, Documentation, and Knowledge Base X X X X X
Support for SmartOS   X X X X
Joyent Cloud Node.js Support*     X X X
Node.js Core Support**       X X
Support for third-party products       X X
Joyent Developer specific courseware, training discounts, etc.   X X X X
Response times 24hr 12hr 1hr 30min
Priority Case Handling       X X
Root cause analysis       X X
Application Performance Analysis       X X
Best Practice Guidance       X X
Architecture Support   X X X X
Application Migration         X
Production Assesment         X
Named Joyent Technical Contact       X X
Personalized Service Engineer         X
Service Reviews         X
Price Included as part of Subscription $49/month Greater of $100 or 10% of monthly fees Greater of $5,000 or 15% of monthly fees Greater of $10,000 or 18% of monthly fees

Contact a Joyent representative at +1 855 4 JOYENT or

*Joyent Cloud Node.js Support: Provides summary Q&A technical support guidance for development, design, architecture, production, operating, and packaging Node.js applications in the Joyent cloud. It is available only bundled at no additional cost if you have purchased Production, Business Critical, or Mission Critical Support Tiers.

**Node.js Core Support: Provides crashing bug core-file analysis in Node.js Core code and APIs on most Linux and SunOS environments. It is available as a standalone support offering for $990/month. It is also bundled at no additional cost if you have purchased Business Critical or Mission Critical Support Tiers.