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Webinar: Democratize API Management with Express Gateway & Kubernetes on Triton

Al Tsang, CEO of LunchBadger joins Shubhra Kar, VP of Product Marketing at Joyent for a discussion introducing Express Gateway; an API management solution built entirely on Express.js, one of the world's largest and widely adopted open source projects out there. Joyent is proud to partner with LunchBadger to bring Express Gateway to Triton Cloud.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to leverage Express.js, Node.js, and containers on Joyent's Triton Cloud. As leading technologies that are deployed for high performance and cost optimization, you will leave with a solid foundation and everything you need to get started.

Experts will:

  • Discuss open and portable platform services strategy
  • Demonstrate how to run a Kubernetes cluster on the Triton cloud platform
  • Deploy Express Gateway instances to the cluster and manipulate it as a control point for API consumption
  • Deep dive into Express Gateway’s capabilities and ease of use
  • Configure security policies using the familiar and powerful Express.js middleware

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