Webinar: Break the Vendor Lock-in with Multi-Cloud Kubernetes

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Kubernetes is emerging as the de-facto open source standard for container orchestration, which promises to provide a cloud agnostic compute platform to enable portability and avoid vendor lock-in. To turn this “promise” into reality, an open cloud architecture powered by Kubernetes needs to be developed that effectively provides cross-cloud networking, security, federation and operations tooling.

At Joyent, we have been working with the Kubernetes community to build a truly multi-cloud, open source, highly portable platform designed to simplify the deployment, federation and management of Kubernetes clusters and workloads across public clouds, private clouds, virtualized environments and bare-metal servers.

Attend this webinar on Kubernetes to learn:

Key Features of Kubernetes solution:

  • Global Control Plane (Runs Anywhere)
  • Automated multi-cluster deployment (HA, volumes, upgrades, secrets)
  • Monitoring, centralized access and policy management
  • CI/CD integrations
  • Seamless Helm Charts, CLI and UI

Major Benefits of Kubernetes:

  • Portability
  • No Vendor Lock-in
  • Production Ready
  • Integrated Experience
  • 100% Open Source Control
  • Cost Savings