Node Fireside Chat Spring 2018

In this fireside chat, Joyent Product Engineers David Neal, Lloyd Benson, Wyatt Lyon Preul, and Colin Ihrig discuss the upcoming Joyent web console revamp with Casey Bisson, Joyent's Director of Product. The group will discuss the decisions and technologies involved in the design, development, and deployment of the new portal throughout Joyent's cloud.

Topics covered

Node.js centric architecture, including:

  • hapi.js application servers
  • GraphQL as a data abstraction layer
  • React front end
  • nginx as an API gateway

Deployments managed via Jenkins, including:

  • Automated builds and publication to Dockerhub.
  • Cloudflare for managing blue-green deploys.

Debugging and monitoring of the system, including:

  • The capture of core dumps on error.
  • OpenTracing for tracking requests through the system.

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Casey Bisson

Wyatt Preul

Colin Ihrig

Lloyd Benson

David Neal