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Docker SF and Joyent Meetup

Set aside the evening of May 6, and come join us for a technical meet up with Docker to discuss the advantages of using containers in production, and how to overcome common challenges with deployment.

Joyent's CTO, Bryan Cantrill, will be offering insight on how Joyent Triton™ elastic container service leverages the Docker remote API to run Docker containers securely on bare metal.

Jérôme Petazzoni, a Senior Engineer at Docker will focus on defining orchestration, and scheduling, in layman's terms, and present a demo on deploying smaller clusters, while showing an example of using scheduler to run applications there.

Jérôme and Bryan will follow their presentations with a 1:1 discussion, and the night will close with an audience Q&A. Come see it for yourself!

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Fireside Chat with Bryan and Jérôme

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