Webinar: Run a blue-green deployment model with Terraform

This webinar will take you step-by-step through a blue-green deployment with Hashicorp's Packer and Terraform. We will take an image created in the webinar for creating custom application images with Packer, deploy it to Triton with Terraform, and then update that application through a series of gradual deployment updates. One version of our application will be live while the other serves as a standby deployment, so developers can easily rollback changes if there are problems in a new release. Remove the risk and organizational paralysis by executing changes quickly.

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Webinar: Manage your application infrastructure with Terraform on Triton

In this workshop, you will learn about how to create and manage your infrastructure as code with Terraform by Hashicorp. We'll use custom application images from the Packer webinar, create the configuration, and deploy the application on Triton. You'll be amazed at just how fast it is to get a full stack up and running.

Instructor: Alexandra White, Documentation Editor

Webinar topics

  • What is Terraform?
  • What are we building?
  • What tools and services do we need?
  • Create the Terraform configuration files
  • Deploy your application on Triton
  • Success! Now what?

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Webinar: Quickly create custom images with Packer and Triton

In this workshop, you will learn how to create custom images with Hashicorp's Packer. You will then take that image and deploy the application on Triton. You'll see just how easy it is to create and update custom images for any application.

Instructor: Alexandra White, Documentation Editor

Webinar topics

  • What is Packer?
  • What are we building?
  • What tools and services do we need?
    • Packer
    • Application
    • Triton
  • Create custom image with Packer
  • Add image to Triton
  • Deploy your application on Triton
  • Success! Now what?

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Webinar: Democratize API Management with Express Gateway & Kubernetes on Triton

Al Tsang, CEO of LunchBadger joins Shubhra Kar, VP of Product Marketing at Joyent for a discussion introducing Express Gateway; an API management solution built entirely on Express.js, one of the world's largest and widely adopted open source projects out there. Joyent is proud to partner with LunchBadger to bring Express Gateway to Triton Cloud.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to leverage Express.js, Node.js, and containers on Joyent's Triton Cloud. As leading technologies that are deployed for high performance and cost optimization, you will leave with a solid foundation and everything you need to get started.

Experts will:

  • Discuss open and portable platform services strategy
  • Demonstrate how to run a Kubernetes cluster on the Triton cloud platform
  • Deploy Express Gateway instances to the cluster and manipulate it as a control point for API consumption
  • Deep dive into Express Gateway’s capabilities and ease of use
  • Configure security policies using the familiar and powerful Express.js middleware

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Webinar: Triton Converged Analytics: Compute on Data at Rest

Learn how Triton Converged Analytics provides a simple yet very powerful real-time data processing platform, allowing you to run arbitrary compute directly on stored data. No frameworks to learn, no data to copy over the network—just plain simple results in seconds!


  • Converged Architecture
  • Tackling Big Data with Unix like pipelines
  • MapReduce — Singular and Multi-phase
  • ETL
  • Image processing
  • Video processing
  • Arbitrary compute like Text search & Log processing
  • Data Analysis and mining
  • Assets

Fayaz Ghiasy, Product Engineer, Joyent
Shubhra Kar, Vice President of Product Marketing, Joyent

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Webinar: [Part Two] Faster, Lighter, & More Scalable Apps with Docker on Triton

Using Triton to add Docker to an application creates a smooth and fast process. With Docker on Triton, your applications will run faster, lighter, and scale with ease. This webinar will review how to take a simple application and dockerize it, so that it can run in any environment. From there, the dockerized application will scale efficiently with Triton Compose, and can be distributed. After these steps, resources will be provided to learn how to dockerize more complex applications.

Items demonstrated:

  • Build custom containers, which can be deployed in any environment. Application can be deployed locally and in the Triton public cloud
  • Lighter applications with small (and inexpensive) instance sizes
  • Applications with Triton Compose, various features available for Compose files, and how to efficiently deploy application updates. Once application has been built— scale, and share with a single command
  • Add a custom vanity domain with Triton CNS. By adding Triton CNS to the application, scaled instances will share the same DNS names and make it easier to add a vanity domain

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Webinar: Introduction to Triton Object Storage (Part Two)

Joyent Triton Cloud is open source and engineered to run the world's largest and most demanding applications, while continuously evolving to support new technologies and business models. This three part webinar series will introduce Triton and its many capabilities.

Key Concepts Covered:

Triton Object Storage (Manta) Distributed Architecture and Resource Management

  • CLI, SDKs, APIs and Portal
  • Working with Objects and MetaData
  • Replication, Versioning, Read/Write consistency, Durability
  • Role Based Access Control, Encryption and other security niceties
  • Use Cases

Time permitting, we will also provide a sneak peek into Converged Analytics using Triton Object Storage

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Webinar: Intro to Triton Compute (Part One)

Join us for this this three part webinar series that will introduce Triton and its many capabilities. Learn how simple it is to use Triton Container-Native cloud for running applications with varied workloads.

Our Experts will cover:

  • Choose the right compute option (Kubernetes, Elastic DockerHost, Elastic Baremetal) for your app
  • Container-native cloud architecture
  • Create datacenter profiles, manage life-cycle of containers and vms, resource allocations, image management with Triton CLI
  • Triton Docker API - Start your dockerized application using docker-compose locally and have it deployed on the cloud, with no extra work
  • Triton Networking - VxLANs, Fabric Networking, LoadBalancing, Firewalls and Zone isolation

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Live Demo: Kubernetes - The Easy Way with Triton Cloud

Setting up and managing production grade, Kubernetes clusters and environments can be complex and time consuming.

Attend this live demo to better understand the complexities of Kubernetes, and to learn how easy running Kubernetes can be when you leverage Triton as your public or private cloud provider, and Triton’s K8s Supervisor to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters and environments that are 100% open source, production grade, supportable, and easily upgradable.

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Webinar: Docker on Triton

Watch as we demonstrate how to make your applications run faster, and scale easier with Docker. The example will take a simple web application (powered by Nginx), dockerize it, spin it up on a local machine, and deploy it to the cloud with Triton. Here, we will cover how to build custom containers, which can be deployed in any environment.

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