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Node.js on the Road



Node.js on the Road: Bringing Node to the Enterprise

Sharing our experiences of what's involved when bringing a node platform on premises in The Enterprise.

Node.js on the Road: Dominiek Ter Heide

Dominiek Ter Heide talks about Node.js at Bottlenose.

Node.js on the Road: Our Tale from Java to Node.js

Luca Maraschi, Architect at Icemobile, talks about their move from Java to Node.js.

Node.js on the Road: The State of Node.js & Beyond

Hear TJ Fontaine, Node.js Project Lead, talk through all things Node.js in terms of roadmap, features, and community.

Node.js on the Road: Q&A

Question and answer session from Node.js on the Road, Amsterdam.



Emcee: Justin Halsall @juice10
Director of Developer Programs, Bottlenose

TJ Fontaine @tjfontaine
Node.js Project Lead, Joyent

Marijn Deurloo @braindevils
CTO, imgZine

Dominiek Ter Heide @dominiek
CTO, Bottlenose

Luca Maraschi @lucamaraschi
Architect, Icemobile


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