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Node.js on the Road



Node.js on the Road: Gary Borton and Alex Vernacchia

Gary Borton and Alex Vernacchia, Software Engineers at ExactTarget, talk about ExactTarget's use of Node.js

Node.js on the Road: Fruit Loops and Cheerios: Frontend Node At Walmart

Kevin Decker discusses the various techniques and technologies that allow Walmart's mobile site to render on both the client and the server with a single codebase.

Node.js on the Road: Node.js & Yahoo

Node is relied on at Yahoo to support our products and engineers. This talk covers how Yahoo chooses technology for products, how Yahoo uses Node today, and the challenges we've faced on the way.

Node.js on the Road: The State of Node.js & Beyond

Hear TJ Fontaine, Node.js Project Lead, talk through all things Node.js in terms of roadmap, features, and community.

Node.js on the Road: Q&A

Question and answer session from Node.js on the Road, Cincinnati.



TJ Fontaine @tjfontaine
Node.js Project Lead, Joyent

Gary Borton and Alex Vernacchia @vernacchia
Software Engineers, ExactTarget

Kevin Decker @kpdecker
Sr. Mobile Web Architect, Walmart

Reid Burke @reid
Senior Software Engineer, Platforms, Yahoo


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