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Node.js on the Road

Los Angeles, CA


Node.js on the Road: Node at CAA

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) now uses Node.js for all their line of business application development, and they deploy all their applications in the public cloud.

Node.js on the Road: Video and Node.js at Yahoo

Node.js is being used almost everywhere at Yahoo from tooling, CI, and serving traffic. Here is breakdown of where we are and where we are going with JavaScript.

Node.js on the Road: Don't Panic — The Hitchhiker's Guide to Node

YP.com is the largest Ruby shop in LA. We just finished migrating a large codebase from Ruby to Node.js.

Node.js on the Road: The State of Node.js & Beyond

Hear TJ Fontaine, Node.js Project Lead, talk through all things Node.js in terms of roadmap, features, and community.

Node.js on the Road: Q&A

Question and answer session from Node.js on the Road, Los Angeles



EMCEE: Jacob Groundwater @0x604
Senior Software Engineer, New Relic

TJ Fontaine @tjfontaine
Node.js Project Lead, Joyent

Glenn Scott @glennsc
Product Development, Creative Artists Agency

Oren Golan @oreng
Senior Software Engineer, YP

Michael Matuzak @mmatuzak
Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo


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The Node.js Project Steward:

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