Joyent Manta Service Pricing

Storage TierPer Individual CopyPer 2 Copies (default)
First 1 TB/month$0.043 per GB$0.086 per GB
Next 49 TB/month$0.036 per GB$0.072 per GB
Next 450 TB/month$0.032 per GB$0.064 per GB
Next 500 TB/month$0.029 per GB$0.058 per GB
Next 4000 TB/month$0.027 per GB$0.054 per GB
Next 5000 TB/month$0.025 per GB$0.050 per GB
Default is 2 copies. When submitting an object to the service, you can specify the number of copies stored, from one (1) to six (6). Storage billing has a per object minimum of 128kb.

With this compute service, you're only paying for the seconds that it takes to do your compute job directly on an object. All compute jobs are made up of one or more tasks. Tasks are the actual computation on an object or the output of another task.

This service measures tasks in wall-clock time normalized per GB DRAM and is metered in seconds. You never pay for idle time or the time while data is moving (because it never does).

Price is $0.00004/GB DRAM•sec

The default instance size provided is 1GB in DRAM and you can select larger instance types that provide up to 32GB of DRAM and 1TB of temporary disk space.

Larger DRAM entitles you to more temporary disk space. The table below shows the max disk space you are entitled to specify at each DRAM tier. If you request more than the entitled level, the job will run but will be charged at the higher DRAM tier that would cover the requested disk space.

DRAM (GB)Max. Disk Space (GB)

If you run 1000 parallel tasks on 1000 objects and they each take a second, then you've used 1000 seconds of time and the cost for this job would be $0.04.

If you run 1000 parallel tasks in 32GB DRAM instances on 1000 objects and they each take a second, then you've used 32000 seconds of time and the cost for this job would be $1.28.

Request TypePrice per unit of requests
POST, PUT, LIST (“GET DIR”)$0.005/1000 requests
GET, OPTION, HEAD$0.004/10000 requests
Bandwidth per month INPrice per GB
All bandwidth in$0.000 (free)
Bandwidth Tier per month OUTPrice per GB
First 1 GB$0.000 (free)
Up to 10 TB$0.120
Next 40 TB$0.090
Next 100 TB$0.070
Next 350 TB$0.050
Next 524 TBContact Us
Next 4 PBContact Us
Greater than 5 PBContact Us

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