Joyent customers get free full-function Boundary to monitor and optimize application performance

Boundary provides a new kind of application monitoring for new IT architectures: one-second app visualization, cloud-compatible and only a few minutes from setup to results. Boundary’s SaaS application performance management (APM) solution for Application Operations is allowing customers to deal with the new challenges from the dynamic nature of modern, distributed applications. In the process, Boundary is reinventing the way customers view IT operations.

Joyent and Boundary have partnered to give all Joyent customers free full-function Boundary for up to 1GB per day.

Features and Benefits

By monitoring every packet that flows from server to server instance and analyzing them in real time, Boundary alerts users to developing problems in seconds not minutes. No matter what computing environment users operate—including public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures—Boundary delivers instant visibility that is not possible with traditional monitoring tools. Boundary gives users the power to innovate faster and embrace new technologies without fear.

  • Application Topology Maps – visualize the dependencies between your applications in real-time
  • Monitor All Languages and Frameworks -including Java, .net, PHP, Ruby On Rails, Erlang and Scala
  • Monitor all Applications and NoSQL solutions - including Hadoop, Cassandra, Riak, Mongo and Memecached
  • Identify hot spots faster – is the hotspot in the Application, Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Network.
  • Spot configuration issues – see the impact of each change the second you role it out.
  • Fast to setup and easy to use - Boundary is SaaS so you can be up and running in a few minutes.
  • Also Boundary is already integrated with Chef, New Relic, Splunk and Jenkins.