Scaling Horizontally without Custom Code

Brocade virtual Traffic Manager is a software Application Delivery Controller (a.k.a, load balancer for web front ends).

The solutions span on the low end from basic load balancing to advanced load balancers offering the opportunity to inspect, route, and transform requests as they load balance them across the application infrastructure. We give the end user visibility and control over their application traffic.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Application Acceleration - Improve the performance of applications, improve the ROI on existing infrastructure
  • Content Caching - Reduce the load on application servers and speed up response times
  • TrafficScript - Add real intelligence to your traffic management rules and get granular control
  • Java Extensions - Add the power of Java applications to your traffic management rules
  • SSL offload - For end to end security and to speed up SSL encryption and decryption
  • Traffic Cluster - Scale your Traffic management solution to meet any requirement more efficiently
  • Web Application Firewall - With Brocade vWAF via support ticket
  • Support for clustering of multiple Brocade Traffic Managers available on Standard and Enterprise Products via support ticket