Joyent customers get Circonus Copper free for 3 months, plus exclusive access to the BizEKG real-time analytics beta.

Circonus lets users correlate virtually anything, point and click ease including correlating systems and business metrics, aligning and providing insight into the relationship between business and IT performance. With BizEKG, users get a robust SaaS tool that delivers real-time granular, rules-based performance monitoring, complex event processing, event correlation and analysis, visualization/graphing, fault detection / alerting, and trend analysis.

Benefits of performance monitoring with Circonus:

  • Continuously monitors of all of your Joyent Cloud infrastructure to identify issues in Business Operations or IT Infrastructure (systems, applications, databases, web)
  • Enables enforcement and monitoring of SLAs (Service Levle Agreements)
  • Provides critical insights for IT planning, operations trouble-shooting, and root cause analysis.

Key Features:

  • Organization-wide monitoring – both business and IT system metrics (no siloes)
  • Industry-leading visualizations (click-and-drag graph creation, enterprise dashboards, real-time graph streaming)
  • Full-featured alerting including dependencies, timed acknowledgements, maintenance windows, etc.
  • Storage of historical data – up to 7 years
  • Granular – down to 30 second intervals

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