Codesion Partner Program

Joyent has partnered with Codesion, the leading provider of Enterprise Subversion, CVS, and Git hosting, to provide Joyent customers all the benefits and availability of the best on-demand Enterprise Source Control Management solution.

The Leading Enterprise Subversion, CVS and Git Hosting

Codesion lets developers and designers spend more time developing and designing. They provide reliable and secure cloud-based Subversion, Git and CVS version control hosting for development teams. 99.9% uptime, Rally and Jira integration, 24x7 technical support and push backups are why more than 60,000 users trust them for code management. With Codesion, it’s easier to collaborate, manage, and deploy your commercial or open-source applications.

To learn more about Codesion’s Publisher recipes and how to publish from a Codesion repository to your Joyent Image, read the Joyent Codesion Publisher Recipes and check out Joyent on the Codesion Partner Network.


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