Curvature, is a business class managed environment for Node.js. Curvature allows you to take advantage of rapid deployments, easy scaling, and real-time analytics in the environment of your choosing, on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. Companies can build Node.js applications with greater quality & efficiency, get them to market faster and run them more reliably.

Includes all the great features of the public platform but in a Joyent environment of your choosing.

Key Benefits

  • Be Flexible: Deploy to the cloud, on-premises, or both with a single, unified, experience
  • Control Costs: Eliminate capital expenditures and increase developer productivity.
  • Respond Rapidly: Make informed decisions based on real-time analytics

Key Features

  • Infinitely Scalable: Our flexible infrastructure ensures your application has the resources it needs to handle any amount of demand.
  • Powerful Metrics: Real time stats are broken down by individual routes.
  • Multiple Node Versions: Modulus supports all versions of Node starting at 0.2.0 and up to the latest release.
  • Websockets: Modulus has full support for Websockets and Websocket libraries like Socket.IO.
  • Persistent Storage: Projects have an unlimited amount of storage that is directly mounted to the file system and is instantly replicated to all instances of the application.
  • Custom Domains: We’re one of the few hosting providers that supports wildcard custom domains.
  • Session Affinity: Our load balancers ensure when users hit a Servo, they are sent back to that same Servo for all subsequent activity.
  • CLI Deployment: Deployments can be seamlessly integrated into your development process by making use of the Modulus command line tool.