High-Performance Cloud Infrastructure available On-Demand

Dell and Joyent are working together to provide you with the flexible infrastructure you need to power the applications you want to build or deploy. Joyent’s cloud satisfies the most demanding data and user-intensive requirements for today’s cloud-native applications.

Joyent is used widely for:

Enterprise Applications Run Linux, Windows, SmartOS or FreeBSD. Enterprise grade networking with isolated vLANs and VPNs.
E-commerce Gain the high security, high availability, and high performance needed to support millions in transactions.
Mobile Apps Your real-time mobile applications benefit from Joyent’s data center distribution and deep stack tools that help reduce latency.
Video and Rich Media Leverage Joyent’s high throughput required for rich media.
Gaming Power your mobile, PC or console game backends.
SaaS Applications Get the security, scale and stability needed to power globally distributed SaaS applications, including PCI Level 1, SSAE 16 Certified ,Safe Harbor
Test/Dev in the cloud Deploy both small and large developments with ease.

Configure the Cloud to Meet Your Needs

Any Operating System Linux ( Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, etc)
Windows ( Standard and Enterprise)
Any Language Java, C, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, and Javascript
Five Instance Types Standard
Provides a balanced set of resources and a low cost platform that is well suited for a wide variety of applications.

High Memory
Offers large memory sizes for high throughput applications, including database and memory caching applications.

High CPU
Provides proportionally more CPU resources than memory (RAM) and are well suited for compute-intensive applications.

High Storage
Delivers proportionally higher storage density per instance, and are ideally suited for applications that benefit from high sequential I/O performance across very large data sets. High Storage instances also provide high levels of CPU, memory and network performance.

High I/O
Provides very high disk I/O performance and are ideally suited for many high performance database workloads. High I/O instances provide SSD-based local instance storage, and also provide high levels of CPU, memory and network performance.
Powerful Portal Be up and running in minutes. Add new capacity at a click of a button. You can permanently resize production applications on SmartOS instances with no reboot or downtime.
Powerful API True REST APIs for automated provisioning and management of the Joyent Compute Service.
Any Database Optimized instances for CouchDB, Hadoop, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgrSQL and Riak. Integration with leading database-as-a-service offerings from MongoLab and Cloudant.

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