Mobile Application Platform supports all phases of mobile app lifecycle for business

Leveraging the power of mobile apps in the enterprise requires a complete app lifecycle approach – from client-side development, secure connectivity to backend systems, deployment to multiple devices, and subsequent app management and reporting. The ability to stage server-side code in different cloud infrastructures and PaaS platforms gives developers and organizations great flexibility without any lock-in or switching costs.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Mobile App Development & Testing tools: An affordable and simple cloud-based IDE to create and deploy HTML5 and hybrid apps for all major platforms, SDKs for native iOS and Android development, command line tools and Github integration for developer workflows, HTML5 forms app generator, integration of any third party client JavaScript libraries and tools.
  • Mobile Backend-as-a-Service: An enterprise-grade mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) built in Node.js that offers a complete set of APIs optimized for mobile devices. Third party node.js adaptors available for connectivity to backend systems, databases and third party systems. Freely configurable node.js execution engine for custom apis using lightweight JavaScript.
  • Intelligent Mobile Proxy: A secure access layer for all mobile connectivity to backend systems with full logging and audit capability that eliminates the need to expose enterprise endpoints directly to the public apps.
  • Mobile Application Management: Control and manage app distribution, user authorization and authentication from a single environment. Analytics and Reporting Tracking usage across devices, locations and apps as well as end-to-end SLA reporting. This provides full audit trail from development through deployment and beyond.
  • Cloud Deployment and Management. The platform provides an easy mechanism for flexible cloud deployment and management and can stage to any node.js environment with a single push as well as staging to the leading IaaS and PaaS platforms in any public or private configuration.

Offerings range from a free developer plan as well as monthly subscription plans designed to meet the needs of developers for more storage and platform resources. These plans are instantly available from the FeedHenry developer website. Complex, large enterprise applications are dealt with by our global professional sales and services teams and priced according to requirements.