Logentries is a cloud based log management service, with powerful enterprise class features. It requires no programming skills to use, and unlike other services, it is affordable, and you can even use it for free! Logs are analysed in real time, visualised for immediate understanding, and stored securely in the cloud. This allows you to easily search your logs, tag important events, generate alerts as well as create powerful reports and graphs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cloud-based + integration: Easy to configure on SmartOS as well as other linux distro's available on Joyent. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Search: Easy to use search for all as well as advanced regex searching for power users.
  • Tags: Tag and categorise events of interest, e.g. business events (logins, registrations, payments) operational events (errors, warnings, exceptions) or any events that matter to you.
  • Alerts: Get notified (email or web hook) when serious errors occur in your application. You can also receive alerts directly to your iPhone/Android device.
  • Real time Visualizations: Log data is visualized so you can immediately see what is happening in your system. No need to learn a complex search language.
  • Reports: Create a range of different graphs for your log events to easily analyze your logs at a glance.
  • Integrate with DTrace: Stream DTrace Metrics into Logentries using our custom build libraries.