Nodejitsu provides a cohesive set of platforms and tools to manage all aspects of Node.js application development, deployment and operations.

From it's free development sandbox service to massively scaled enterprise Node.js applications running on managed servers in the Joyent Cloud, Nodejitsu's offerings mitigate the risk and overhead associated with integrating third-party deployment, monitoring, provisioning, and scaling solutions. Benefits of using Nodejitsu running on Joyent Cloud servers include:

  • The most robust set of integrated modules for Node.js orchestration and management
  • A unique orchestration distributed intelligence engine that maintains the availablity of your application and auto-scales based on its needs.
  • A globally distributed support team that develops code for the Node.js project
  • A full spectrum approach to Node.js deployments from sandbox to managed hosting to management platforms for self-hosted clouds
  • An entirely transparent open source stack

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