Joyent and Percona Solution

The Joyent Percona image is a dynamically scalable virtual machine optimized for the cloud. It's based on a standard MySQL image, with general software stripped down to bare minimum, and with Percona Server (MySQL) pre-installed and preconfigured for ultimate performance and scalability. The Percona image consists of:

Joyent Compute Service Architecture

Delivers lightweight container-based virtualization with CPU bursting and reduces I/O latency via SmartCache.

Hot Backup via XtraBackup

Performs non-blocking backups that complete quickly and reliably with no reboots required.

Percona Server with XtraDB

Provides superior scaling with greater memory use efficiency.

The Percona image gives you the ability to:

  • Run MySQL queries faster and consolidate servers
  • Spend less time tuning or administering your environment
  • Delay or even avoid sharding
  • Generate detailed query logs with per-query statistics about locking, I/O, and query plan
  • Use DTrace scripts and Joyent Cloud Analytics for unrivaled database introspection and latency root cause analysis
  • Understand performance with access to per table, per index, per user and per host counters
  • Aggregate response time statistics for measuring performance that go beyond operation counts
  • Enable and configure hot backups quickly with Joyent QuickBackup; A fast non-blocking MySQL backup service, powered by Percona Xtrabackup
  • Implement NoSQL protocal for MySQL via HandlerSocket