Qbaka is smart javascript error monitoring and analytics for web services. Frontend developers are unaware when something is broken on the client-side in production. This can lead to unhappy users and revenue losses, as well as support and developers’ time spent to figure out the problem.

Qbaka is simple and powerful cloud tool to track and analyse frontend problems in production in realtime. Qbaka helps you provide best customer experience. Trusted by thousands of web developers. 30% off first 3 months for Joyent customers!

Qbaka key features

  • Smart error grouping. Merges reports from different users, browsers and languages
  • Auto stacktrace extraction. More data without source code modification.
  • User actions tracking. Helps you reproduce the error.
  • Affected pages and users. Know the impact of the problem.
  • Customizable muting. Get less noise, more valuable reports.
  • Source code snippets. Shows where exactly error happened.
  • Source maps support. Real error lines for minified scripts.
  • Unlimited projects and sharing. Always get full features.
  • User data. We show who exactly experienced an error.
  • Custom reporting. And we keep raw reports too.

Benefits of using Qbaka

  • Save support time. No need to ask users technical questions.
  • Save developers’ time. All data needed to fix the problem in one place.
  • Save your company money. Lost customers = less revenue.
  • No users interaction. All necessary data already in cloud.
  • Happy users. Simple 1-minute setup, instant value.
  • 30% off first 3 months for Joyent customers.

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