Developed in partnership with Basho Technologies and inspired by Dynamo, Riak SmartMachines are scalable, fault-tolerant, open source key/value database servers intended to be the primary data storage mechanism in production applications.

Riak images scale elastically and horizontally, allowing you grow your cluster from 3 nodes to 10 nodes to 100 nodes and beyond -- while your cluster is running. In addition to more storage space with added nodes, Riak images deliver a linear increase in processing power.

Riak images are:

  • Built to operate in highly distributed environments, such as the cloud.

  • Master-less - no single point of failure.

  • Automatic data replication and read/write across all live nodes.

  • Highly fault-tolerant due to its distributed nature

  • Highly available for use in read and write-intensive web applications.

  • Instantly scalable by adding a node to a cluster - with no downtime.

  • Incredibly stable and trusted by some of the world’s largest companies

  • Built-in, robust MapReduce engine for deep, complex queries

  • Delivered with full-featured client libraries for, Java, PHP, Python, Erlang, and Ruby