Network Layer Services

Riverbed and Joyent Content Delivery Cloud

The Riverbed® SteelApp™ and Joyent content delivery cloud (CDC) is a fast and efficient content delivery platform for end-users. However, unlike a CDN which leverages a global network of servers to deliver content for all CDN customers, the SteelApp CDC utilizes public or private Joyent infrastructure to provide the points of presence that offer a private ‘CDN-like’ experience for the delivery of a customer’s content. A CDC is able to support these services without the need for large initial capital investment or a complex infrastructure.

The typical architecture of a content delivery cloud uses an advanced application delivery controller (ADC) such as Riverbed SteelApp™ Traffic Manager software as the intelligence within the Joyent infrastructure. In a CDC, SteelApp Traffic Manager routes the user request to the most appropriate location based on the parameters set by the application owner such as geographic proximity and required response time. It would also employ features such as auto-scaling, content caching, bandwidth management, performance monitoring and content compression. Additional functionality such as SteelApp™ Application Firewall for deeper application level threat identification and mitigation, and SteelApp™ Aptimizer for end-user content optimization enhances the performance and security of the content delivery cloud. Moreover, SteelApp Traffic Manager is a software-based advanced Layer 7 ADC that ensures that the flexibility of the content delivery solution is not compromised as it can be deployed (and removed) quickly and easily.


  • Flexible content delivery solution
  • Scale delivery infrastructure on demand
  • Distributed content with centralized control
  • Simplified management of content distribution
  • Secure content delivery

Use cases:

  • Predictable and known content demand fluctuations and seasonal spikes for e-commerce customers
  • Capacity planning when content demand is difficult to forecast
  • Geographic service flexibility with advanced content delivery features

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