Joyent Announces Linux Branded Zones and Extension of Docker Engine to SmartDataCenter, Provides a New Platform to Run Docker Securely with Bare Metal Performance

Concurrently Launches First Class Container Service for Joyent Public Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- (December 3, 2014) -- Joyent, Inc., the container infrastructure company, today announced two open source initiatives and the general availability of a first-class container service in the Joyent Public Cloud to accelerate the adoption of application containers in the enterprise.

Docker application containers are perhaps the most transformative data center innovation of the decade. However, there remain limitations in the areas of security, virtual networking and persistence that present challenges for enterprises looking to deploy Docker in support of production applications. The open source initiatives announced today, Linux Branded Zones (LXz) and the extension of Docker Engine to SmartDataCenter, will deliver proven, multi-tenant security and bare metal performance to Linux applications running in Docker application containers.

"Our objective is to accelerate the adoption of Docker in production environments and we are committed to making Joyent the best place to run Docker-based applications in production — whether in the Joyent Public Cloud or Joyent private cloud software, SmartDataCenter," said Scott Hammond, CEO, Joyent. "Our latest announcement, including the Joyent Container Service, LXz and Docker Engine for SmartDataCenter, are significant steps forward in accomplishing that goal."

A New Platform for Container Deployments in Linux Branded Zones (LXz)

Security concerns related to the default Linux infrastructure containers leveraged by Docker have led all major public and private cloud providers to advocate running Docker containers on top of legacy hardware hypervisors. With LXz, you can run Linux applications, including those running in Docker Containers, natively on secure OS virtualization without an intervening hardware hypervisor layer.

"Running Docker containers on legacy hardware hypervisor hosts, like VMware or Amazon EC2, means you give up the workload density and performance benefits associated with infrastructure containers," said Bill Fine, VP Products, Joyent. "LXz and Docker Engine for SmartDataCenter provide an infrastructure container runtime environment capable of delivering secure, bare metal performance to Docker-based applications in a multi-tenant environment."

Leveraging LXz, each infrastructure container is given its own virtualized network stack, consistent with the network topologies deployed in most enterprises today. LXz also delivers containers a persistence layer based upon the ZFS file system, making the management of multi-container application environments secure, robust and simple. LXz is being developed in the open, is available for beta usage today, and will become broadly available in the first quarter of 2015.

Extending Docker Engine to SmartDataCenter

Docker Engine, the open source runtime from Docker, Inc. that builds, runs and orchestrates Docker containers, is now being integrated into SmartDataCenter, Joyent's open source cloud orchestration software that serves as the backbone of Joyent Public Cloud. Working together, LXz and Docker Engine for SmartDataCenter will provide a secure, production-grade environment for Linux applications running in Docker containers. Users will be able to choose whether to leverage the Joyent Public Cloud, SmartDataCenter or the open source code for their deployments. Like LXz, the Docker Engine for SmartDataCenter is being developed in the open, is available for beta usage today, and will become broadly available in the first quarter of 2015.

Joyent Container Service

Joyent Public Cloud users can now leverage the Joyent Container Service to provision and manage Docker hosts and containers in the Joyent Public Cloud. Features of the Joyent Container Service include a security gateway, private registries and integrated logging and monitoring of Docker containers and hosts.

"As an early beta partner for the Joyent Container Service, we are excited to see these announcements from Joyent," said Elijah Zupancic, CTO, Tack. "We see Docker as a technology that is shaping the next-generation data center stack and think LXz and Docker Engine for SmartDataCenter can accelerate the broad adoption of Docker."

Last month, Joyent open sourced its core technologies, SmartDataCenter and Manta Object Storage Service. Joyent recently announced $15M in financing from Intel Capital, Orascom TMT Investments, El Dorado Ventures, EPIC Ventures, LGI Ventures and others. For more information about Joyent, visit

About Joyent

Joyent is the high-performance container infrastructure as a service company for public and private clouds. Joyent has the only production-grade stack proven to deliver bare metal performance, security, persistence, enterprise-grade networking, and web­-scale economics to run Docker containers. Joyent is also the steward of Node.js, the open source server-­side JavaScript project that provides developers and enterprises with the most powerful runtime for developing data­-intensive, real­-time apps.


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