Joyent Appoints New VP of Engineering to Help Create Next Generation Cloud

Angela Fong Brings Two Decades of Deep Expertise in Cloud and Enterprise Application Development to Executive Team

SAN FRANCISCO - November 14, 2017 - Joyent, the open cloud infrastructure as a service leader, today announced the appointment of Angela Fong as the company's new Vice President of Engineering. Fong brings more than two decades of experience in cloud computing and enterprise application development to Joyent at a time when the company is expected to change the competitive landscape as a next generation cloud service provider.

"I have long believed that the CTO and the VP of Engineering should be a team that together fosters innovation," said Bryan Cantrill, Joyent's CTO. "Working with Angela over the past three years has been a career highlight for me. She's a terrific, detail-oriented technologist with the proven ability to effectively lead large, complicated efforts comprised of many people, technologies and geographies."

Cantrill continued: "I am elated that she is being formally recognized as our Vice President of Engineering, and I very much look forward to working with her to develop and deploy our next-generation cloud."

In September, Joyent announced the release of Triton Private Regions, a next generation approach to cloud infrastructure as a service that combines the best of public and private clouds to deliver increased control and dramatic cost savings. Fong played a critical role in engineering and rolling out Triton Private Regions to Samsung, one of the largest as well as most sophisticated and innovative cloud users in the world. In her new role, Fong will oversee all aspects of Joyent's engineering group.

"It's an exciting time at Joyent and I'm looking forward to helping leverage our deep expertise in modern application architectures to create tomorrow's cloud," said Fong. "We've gained a tremendous amount of invaluable experience while creating Triton Private Regions, which will enable Samsung to save hundreds of millions annually on cloud storage costs while also reclaiming control and ownership of their cloud data. And we've been able to leverage those lessons learned to help other enterprise customers build the cloud they want in order to dramatically shrink costs and find new ways to compete in their markets."

Fong initially joined Joyent in February 2015 to help develop and roll out Triton — the next generation open cloud offering that was engineered to run the world's largest and most demanding applications while also able to continuously evolve to support new technologies and business models. Previously, she worked at Oracle before becoming Director of Engineering at newScale Inc., an innovative cloud start up, which was acquired by Cisco in 2011. During her three-year tenure at Cisco, she oversaw major engineering operations and managed releases for all product lines for the company's Cloud Services and Management group.

Fong has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Hong Kong as well as M.Sc. in Information Systems from the London School of Economics.

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