Our Pricing Difference

Triton is engineered to run more efficiently than other clouds, and we pass those savings on to you. And, because some workloads are cheaper to run in a private cloud, we give you that option as well, with a fully open source stack and a variety of support options to get you up and running quickly.

Contact us to request a free analysis of your savings potential, or to learn more about how our customers reduce their cloud bills by 50% or more.

Triton Economic Advantages

Per minute billing

Pay only for what you use. Our Compute and Analytics pricing is based on a per minute (not per hour) model.

Use fewer instances

Benefiting from our container-native infrastructure, our customers report needing 50% less compute capacity.

Leverage open source

For predictable workloads, use Triton open source software to build cost effective private clouds.

Unparalled Support

Seasoned operators provide support across public and private clouds, from the OS to the application run time.

Transition to microservices

Benefit from our experience designing and operating microservices and hybrid architectures at scale.

Customized cloud solutions

We work with our customers to create "private zones" and "managed private clouds" tailored to their needs.

Public Cloud and Software Support and Subscription Pricing Plans

Public Cloud Services

Hybrid Deployment and Support Options

We support many hybrid cloud scenarios and customized deployment and support options to meet your unique needs, including private zones in the public cloud, and managed private clouds based on Triton. Please contact sales@joyent.com to discuss options and pricing.