Public Cloud Pricing

Billing is per minute, but prices are listed per hour or per month for ease of comparison.

Bandwidth Pricing

Bandwidth per month IN
All bandwidth in Free
Bandwidth Tier per month OUT to Internet Per GB
First 1 GB Free
Up to 10 TB $0.09
Next 40 TB $0.085
Next 100 TB $0.07
Next 350 TB $0.05
Next 524 TB Contact Us
Next 4 PB Contact Us
Greater than 5 PB Contact Us

Virtual Machine Pricing

Docker and Linux images on Triton run on bare metal. You pay for only the containers you use, not for costly and inefficient virtual machine container hosts. Learn more about our pricing differences here.

Don't find what you are looking for? Custom, dedicated and higher resource instance types are available. Contact sales at +1 855 4 JOYENT or for more information.