Private Regions

The next evolution in cloud, combining the best of public and private clouds to deliver dramatic cost savings and control without sacrificing speed and flexibility

You CAN Have It All

Low Cost

50% cheaper than traditional public clouds for large and predictable infrastructure requirements


Own your data and fine tune the performance and security of your infrastructure


The simplicity of a public cloud, dedicated to your organization, located where you need it

A New Business Model

Start with a private region, built and operated by Joyent. Leverage Triton's 100% open source software stack to take ownership at anytime.


Joyent Owned Infrastructure

Joyent builds and customizes complete private region datacenters including servers, racks, routers, switches, firewalls, and more.

Core Software

Joyent builds and customizes core cloud software for elastic compute, storage, and networking services managed by powerful scheduling, orchestration, and access tools.


Joyent incorporates your specific business requirements including IDS, WAF, DDOS, and compliance needs.


Joyent Managed App Services

Joyent provides core and customized services: scheduling, containers, VMs, bare metal, object storage, serverless big data analytics, ETL, DBaaS, DNS/CNS, load balancing and SDN

Joyent Managed User Services

Joyent provides access control, upgrades, infrastructure maintenance, metering, billing, chargeback, monitoring, reporting, and migrations

Joyent Operational Excellence

Your Private Regions are managed by the same operations teams that have received top marks for uptime and availability 10yrs running.


Self Managed Infrastructure

Acquire Joyent Private Region infrastructure, 100% open software, managed apps and services. Self manage your private cloud with our rich full stack support

Self Managed Apps & Services

Leverage our decade long experience on public and private clouds to train your team on operating a cloud successfully at hyperscale


Collaborate with Joyent to implement cloud-native governance & policies for on-boarding, security, maintenance and compliance

A Cross-Cloud Strategy

Triton Private Regions fit into a multi-cloud strategy where varied application needs are optimally matched to available public and private cloud options

Customer Case Studies

Joyent provides Triton Private Regions to some of the world's largest cloud consumers, enabling them to save money and regain control on their data and services

When one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers wanted to reduce their large and exponentially growing AWS bill for object storage, and regain control of their data, they turned to Triton Object Storage and a Private Region solution from Joyent. Read More

When one of the world’s largest mobile device makers launched an iris scanning service to secure its devices and authorize financial transactions, they turned to Triton Compute, and a Private Region solution from Joyent, to meet their heightened security requirements. Read More

Private Regions: The Best of Both Worlds

On-demand resources to maximize speed & flexibility

Public cloud flexibility with private cloud savings and control

Dedicated resources to maximize savings, security & control

Public Cloud Challenges

Too Expensive At Scale

Cloud mature organizations find that at scale the economics of public cloud no longer make sense

Vendor Lock-In

Data gravity and dependency on a vendor's "upstack" services create lock-in and risk

Limited Differentiation

Inability to fine tune infrastructure limits the ability of an organization to differentiate itself

Private Regions

Blending the best parts of public and private cloud, Triton Private Regions provide cost savings and greater control, without sacrificing simplicity and speed

  • Cost Savings of 50% or More
  • 100% Open and Portable
  • Speed + Differentiation

Private Cloud Challenges

Too Hard to Operate

Managing cloud infrastructure is not a core competency of most organizations

Inability to Innovate

Keeping pace with public cloud providers is impossible for an organization going it alone

Too Slow

Infrastructure gets in the way of and slows down new application development

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