PostgreSQL on Joyent

PostgreSQL is a leading open source object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). Fast growing startups and massive institutions use PostGRES due to its reliability, stability, and scalability to multi-terabytes with no performance degradation.

Joyent has optimized Postgres to run faster than any other cloud provider. In head-to-head benchmark tests using standard Master/Slave Postgres configurations, Joyent virtual databases completed tasks up to 15X faster than a comparable Postgres multi-node virtualized database configurations running on Amazon Web Services. In fact, Joyent’s standard Postgres instances even outperformed the latest AWS SSD instances by over 200%. Joyent achieves these results through lightweight container-based OS virtualization, advanced caching technology, and superior read/write data processes using high-performance local storage. Contact Joyent or visit



  • Container-based architecture
  • Advanced caching layer
  • Resize in place with no reboot required
  • Localized storage managed by ZFS enterprise-grade file system


  • Up to 15x faster database performance without the added cost of SSDs
  • Tunable file-system caching to maximize operations in RAM
  • Much better ROI. Process more data with fewer instances
  • Ultimate data integrity and security with ZFS backups
  • Pre-configured appliances reduce deployment time and DevOps load
  • Auto bursting for easy handling of peak loads
  • Detailed OpenSource Cookbook for Postgres management

Why Joyent?

Built for Modern Scalable Applications: Exceptional performance delivering the highest quality of service for all workloads.

Lower Costs, Higher Performance: OS-level virtualization delivers better performance and higher throughput with less infrastructure

High Availability: 99.9999% uptime record in every region. 100% SLA.

Expert Engineering and Support: The most knowledgeable support team in cloud.

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