SmartOS Internals

Duration: 5 days


This course answers the question, “How does the system work?”. It uses a combination of source code and various tools available on SmartOS to examine the topics that are covered. Tools used will include: DTrace, kmdb, mdb, and the /proc tools. Topics include: threads and processes, memory management, file systems, and I/O.


On completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use DTrace, mdb, and kmdb to examine how the system works.
  • Describe implementation of threads and processes on SmartOS.
  • Describe what happens during thread switching.
  • Describe what happens during interrupt handling.
  • Explain how memory management is implemented on X64.
  • Use the SmartOS thread scheduling classes.
  • Explain how signals are handled in SmartOS.
  • Describe file system implementation, both in-memory and on-disk.


Basic knowledge of Operating System concepts will help, as well as a basic understanding of programming languages. Unix fundamentals course or equivalent knowledge

Topic Outline

  • Introduction
  • SmartOS Architecture
  • Documentation
  • Source Code Layout
  • Overview of Kernel Components
  • Threads and Processes
  • Programming Model
  • Data Structures
  • Process Address Space
  • System Calls, Traps, and Interrupts
  • Memory Management
  • Data Structures
  • The HAT Layer
  • Page Table Management
  • Page Fault Handling
  • Memory Mapping
  • Segment Drivers
  • User Process Address Space
  • Kernel Address Space
  • Swap space management
  • Page Stealing
  • Shared Memory
  • Fork/Exec
  • Regular File I/O
  • Scheduling
  • Schedulers in SmartOS
  • Switching
  • Interrupt Handling
  • Processor Affinity
  • Real-time
  • Priority Inversion Handling
  • Signal Handling
  • File Systems
  • zfs Overview
  • Device Driver Introduction


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