Application Orchestration

Triton ContainerPilot

Streamline container scheduling

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DataCenter Orchestration

Triton DataCenter

Simplify container management

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Container Hypervisor

Triton SmartOS

Guarantee security and performance

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Triton is an end-to-end solution that makes running containers at scale easy. Compatibility with popular container schedulers ensures application portability. Proven security means containers run on bare metal, eliminating the need for complex cluster management and poor performing, host-based networking.

Triton CoreOS Tectonic Docker Datacenter AWS ECS
Container Scheduling Any Kubernetes Compose Proprietary
Application Orchestration Triton ContainerPilot Custom development Custom development Custom development
Container Orchestration Triton DataCenter Kubernetes Docker Swarm ECS
Cloud Orchestration Bring your own Bring your own EC2
Run Securely on Bare Metal Triton SmartOS No, only on VMs No, only on VMs No, only on VMs

A Container-Native Stack for Modern Applications and Operations

Increase development velocity while simplifying operations. Triton provides the foundation for a modern application and operations architecture.

Automate the process of discovery and configuration that’s needed to connect application components in separate containers. By automating these and other operational details, you can build applications that effectively run on autopilot and work with any scheduler. Learn more…

Other solutions layer container orchestration on top of VM clusters from public clouds or private clouds that you pay for and manage separately. Triton converges container and cloud orchestration into one easy solution. Learn more…

Our secret ingredient. Don’t let VM-based container hosts complicate your operations and slow down your applications. Run your Docker containers and Linux applications securely, on bare metal, with built-in networking and storage. Learn more…

Open Source Software. Our Cloud or Yours

Triton is available as a service on Joyent managed data centers across North America and Europe. Want to run your own private, container-as-a-service solution instead? No problem. The same software that we use to operate the Triton Cloud service is open source and can be deployed in your data center (or co-location facility) in less than an hour.

Open Source

Open Source Triton software with community support.



Licensed Triton software with enterprise support.

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Triton delivered as a service and billed by the minute.

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