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Pioneer of Public Cloud

Pioneer of Public Cloud

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Founding Member of CNCF

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First Open, Hybrid Cloud

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Steward of Node.js

Acquired by Samsung

Acquired by Samsung

Our Leadership Team

Sung Whan Moon headshot

Sung Whan Moon

President & COO

Sung Whan Moon has been with Samsung Electronics for 18 years. Before joining Joyent he managed enterprise solutions partnerships and innovation development efforts, and led the Knox Product Management team. He has held other management roles in the Knox team, including developer team lead, technical project manager, and Knox government security certification program manager.

Sung Whan holds a Ph.D degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in Ithaca.

JaeKwan Kim headshot

JaeKwan Kim


JaeKwan brings over two decades of invaluable experience at Samsung. Before his tenure at SRA, he played a pivotal role in the Business Strategy Group at SEC Head Quarter.

Prior to this, he spearheaded Chinese TV Marketing and Sales Management for Regional Planning Group at Samsung Electronics. JaeKwan attained a Bachelor of Economics degree from Kyungpook National University in Republic of Korea.

Sean Johnson headshot

Sean Johnson

Chief of Staff

Sean has spent over 12 years at Joyent in numerous management roles focused on our customers and market execution. Prior to Chief of Staff, Sean led our Commerrcial Group, having previously served in sales, marketing, product and customer experience leadership roles. Prior to Joyent, Sean served 7 years at Dell with enterprise sales roles covering a range of territories and infrastructure solutions.

Sean attended Vanderbilt University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Seong-Kook Shin headshot

Seong-Kook Shin

Director of Engineering

Seong-Kook began his career as a Software Development Engineer at Samsung Electronics. He started as an embedded software developer then transitioned to a server-side Cloud Software Developer, where he designed and implemented several key services such as Samsung OpenAPI (for the InternetTV), Samsung Cloud Application Platform (PaaS), and Samsung Voice Recognition Service (a.k.a. SVoice). His specialties are designing the architecture for large-scale services, and ensuring service stability. Seong-Kook earned his Bachelor’s of Computer Engineering & Computer Science from Hongik University.

Chris Yang headshot

Chris Yang

Head of Operations and Support

Chris brings to Joyent over 28 years of technical and operational management experience. As Head of Operations and Support, Chris leads the teams responsible for support services and back-end systems. Before joining the Joyent Management Team, Chris gained experience working in various industries, including cloud, manufacturing, SaaS, and FinTech organizations.

Urmi Majumdar headshot

Urmi Majumdar

Director of Engineering Operations

Urmi is responsible for Joyent’s Engineering Operations — Quality, SysOps, SRE, and Release Management. She brings in 18 years of leadership experience in Software development, Quality, DevOps and Release Management. She worked with various Silicon Valley companies in different domains - Cloud, SAAS, e-commerce, Hardware (TV), Software Security, and Data as a Service. She is passionate about building automation frameworks and tools to automate Software delivery. Urmi earned her Master’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Urmi is a board member of a Bay Area based non-profit organization, Caring HandsFoundation.

Casey Bisson headshot

Casey Bisson

Head of Product Management

Casey’s expertise ranges from hands-on engineer to corporate officer who has experience building product organizations from scratch. Casey has 15 years of experience as an engineering and product leader in consumer and B2B SaaS, including hyperscale public cloud IaaS, where he helped drive a devops revolution for container infrastructure and continuous delivery. Casey has worked with open-source communities throughout his career and demonstrated continued focus on making tools and systems usable. Before joining Joyent in 2023, Casey worked at Docker, where he led go-to-market efforts for the company’s container development products used by over 50 thousand companies and 20 million developers monthly.

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